Affordable windows application migration solutions with complete technical support

Application migration is a challenging task as it comprises of transferring systems to a better platform. Migrating applications to platforms such as Windows can result in reduced maintenance costs and better productivity for businesses. MoveMySite has extensive expertise in offering windows application migration services. We are a professional company specializing in a number of web application migration solutions. Our team has complete know-how of application migration web services based migration and database migration.

Our team, initially, understands your application migration needs and accordingly offers suggestions for the same. By preparing a detailed strategic plan for windows application migration, we help ensure that your project gets implemented on time. We carefully migrate your existing application to windows platform so that you can benefit from the new platform and system. We even offer windows application porting services which includes code transformation, environment transformation and application integration.

Our portfolio of windows application migration services

  • Windows application migration consulting
  • Windows application migration
  • Migration to windows server 2008
  • Windows application troubleshooting
  • Application migration to windows 7
  • Application migration to windows Azure
  • Existing windows application enhancement
  • Windows application analysis and optimization
  • Quick technical support for windows application migration

Benefits of our windows application migration solutions

  • Improved user experience
  • Better features and functionalities
  • Reduced business risks
  • Better data sharing and retrieval process for web applications
  • Pre and Post migration support
  • Seamless functioning of web applications
  • Enhanced security
  • Faster processing and increased agility

We believe in offering custom solutions to our clients based on their business requirements. Over the years, we have helped our clients get maximum value out of new & advanced technologies. Once your existing web application is migrated to the windows platform, we offer complete testing and quality assurance solutions too. We completely check the performance and quality of the applications migrated to ensure their smooth functioning. Our team also re-engineers web applications to meet your business needs and requirements.