Faster and smoother web content migration so that you can focus more on your business

Website content migration is a challenging task especially if it involves migrating content to an improved content management system. The entire process of web content migration is complex and only an expert can do it flawlessly. Move My Site is an experienced Website Migration Services provider excelling in offering affordable and reliable web content migration solutions in quick time. We completely understand the needs & requirements of our clients and accordingly offer customized solutions.

Our web content migration services help save your money and time. Our web migration experts offer the best web content migration solutions without any data or content loss. We are committed to delivering outstanding migration solutions that enhance your website value and take it to a higher level. Our experts also ensure that your website content is effectively managed and organized in the best possible manner. Our team has the technical proficiency to migrate website content to different types of systems in the most accurate manner.

How do we go about web content migration for your business enterprise?

  • Analyzing existing content

    Our web content migration experts, initially, get a firm understanding of your existing website, its content and overall structure. They define the scope of the project and do a detailed project planning. With over years of experience in website content migration, we help you get rid to duplicate and irrelevant content with a thorough content analysis of your existing website.

  • Reshaping the content

    Through a series of iterative processes, we help cleanse your existing website content and make it more effective. This step is considered to be the most important as well as time consuming part but we ensure that this stage gets completed well within professional time limits. Mentioned below are some aspects which we work on during reshaping content –

    • Shared content
    • Hyperlinks
    • Taxonomy
    • Meta data
    • Templates
    • Links resolution
  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance is something which we never miss on. Our experts make sure that the desired levels of quality are being achieved for our website content migration projects. All the website content is completely scrutinized for resolving content formatting issues. We never compromise on quality standards. Our clients have praised us for the quality standards that we implement for different web content migration projects.

  • Content migration

    Finally, we implement the content migration process, so that you can easily use the new content management system. With our cutting edge content migration technology and tools, we successfully migrate website content from one platform to another. Our web content migration experts flawlessly replicate your website to an enhanced content management system so that you can reap maximum benefits from the new CMS.

Our website content migration services

  • Migration of the past versions to the new CMS
  • Incorporating support for new languages in the improved CMS
  • Creating redirects for avoiding breaking bookmarks and embedded links
  • Accurate migration of hyperlinks
  • Creation of meta data both manually as well as automatically
  • Restructuring the content architecture for your new website
  • Training your workforce for using the new CMS

How can you benefit from our website content migration solutions?

  • We adopt a radical approach towards your website content migration project.
  • Well managed content migration processes to ensure best results.
  • Elimination of content sprawl and increased productivity for your online business.
  • Guaranteed no content loss during website content migration.
  • No duplication of content.
  • We use the best working methodology for your web content migration project.
  • Strict adherence to international quality standards for content migration.