We offer outstanding application migration solutions using cutting edge technologies-

The business environment, today, has become quite dynamic and complex too. The needs and requirements of business are ever changing than they used to a decade back. Businesses need to cope up with new technologies in order to stay competitive. Application migration solutions help businesses upgrade their existing applications to take the advantages of latest technologies. These not only reduce bottlenecks in business processes but also boost business productivity. At MoveMySite, we offer comprehensive web application migration services at best rates.

We are a team of professional & experienced web application migration experts have profound knowledge of application migration & re-engineering. We help migrate and enhance your existing business applications so that you can conduct your business in a more sophisticated and seamless manner. We have a proven track record of working on multiple migration projects across vertical domains for our clients. Our application migration services will help you make your business more profitable and competitive.

How does application migration help your business enterprise?

  • Achieve your business goals in a short span of time
  • Get high performance results
  • Easily manage multiple databases
  • Make your business more proactive by migrating applications to improved platforms
  • Have an IT environment that easily adapts to future business needs
  • Get rid of obsolete systems and address application scalability issues
  • Make your applications more secured and feature rich

Our Portfolio of Web Application Migration Services

  • PHP application migration

    This service involves migrating an application using the dynamic PHP language. This is a programming language which is immensely popular and helps reduce the application maintenance cost too. Our experts offer the best PHP application migration services in quick time. Before application migration, our experts back-up database and other important files to avoid data loss. We have extensive experience in PHP web application migration.

  • Asp.net web application migration

    One of our core areas of expertise is asp.net web application migration. Herein we migrate applications to the ASP.Net framework which is an important part of Microsoft’s .Net technology. ASP.Net is a powerful and feature rich platform. In case you are looking to have an application that is scalable in nature, ASP.Net application migration is what you should go for. ASP.Net as a technology offers many advantages including improved security, brilliant built-in caching features, integration with Microsoft ADO.Net for database access and many more.

  • Legacy application migration

    Our team also offers legacy application migration services at affordable rates. In past few years we have implemented different legacy software migration projects for our clients. We deal in GUI migration, legacy application re-design, and migration to multiple databases. We migrate legacy applications to better web architecture so that your business can stay ahead of your competitors. Our team of migration experts take extra care about RDBMS tuning issues during legacy application migration process.

  • Desktop to web application migration

    Our expertise in business applications migration is simply unmatched. We successfully migrate old applications to the web without affecting their overall performance and quality. Using advanced technologies, our team offers exceptional desktop to web application migration solutions so that you can run your business anytime, anywhere. Web applications are more secured than traditional desktop applications. Also, using the web applications you can set up a network which connects you with customers, clients, vendors, suppliers and many others in real time.

  • Windows application migration

    Our experts understand your business needs, inspect your existing windows applications and accordingly formulate a detailed strategy to implement the windows application migration. Our team takes the help of OS based applications or UNIX for implementing the migration process. We even offer windows application porting solutions wherein we transform codes, and integrate applications too. In fact we also offer consulting for application migration, database migration and service oriented architecture.

  • Mobile application migration

    This is one of our most unique services. Mobile application migration allows you to migrate your existing applications to platforms that are compatible with mobile devices and smart phones. We help migrate applications such as Android, Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Blackberry to different platforms as per your choice and requirements. Mobile application migration can at times be a challenging task, but with our technical expertise and years of application migration experience, we make the entire process easier and quicker.

We also offer the following solutions to our global clients

  • Complete re-structuring of application codes
  • Migration solutions for operating systems
  • Pre and post migration support
  • Optimizing the performance of your business applications
  • Risk management
  • Application testing & Quality Assurance
  • Application deployment
  • Third party software integration
  • Troubleshooting for web applications
  • Database & language migration