Complete software migration & re-engineering solutions to help you take advantage from improved software

Businesses need to stay productive and competitive these days in order to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. And, technology is something which plays a crucial role in achieving this purpose. Technology, however, is not constant, it is ever changing. Businesses need to migrate their existing IT systems and software to new platforms in order to stay ahead of competition. Software need to be upgraded in case you want to benefit from advanced features which help save time and operational costs too. MoveMySite is a professional website migration company also specializing in software migration.

Our software migration services allow you to make your IT systems more secured and productive. Also, by migrating existing software to improved architecture you can minimize bottlenecks in business processes too. Over the years, we have helped our clients grow their business and make it more profitable with our unmatched software migration solutions. Our business models are quite flexible to suit your business and budget requirements.

Software Migration Solutions we offer

  • Software migration to new technology and platforms
  • Software migration to an enhanced operating environment
  • Migration of existing applications to new languages, architecture, database
  • Re-hosting & Re-engineering
  • Complete testing and deployment of the new software
  • Continuous technical support & troubleshooting
  • Database migration
  • Porting of applications from one platform to another
  • Software modernization
  • Pre and post migration support

Our approach for software migration

  • Software migration analysis

    When clients come to us for software migration, we understand their business requirements. Our software migration experts carry out a detailed analysis of their existing IT systems and software including source code dependencies and IT environment. Based on this we offer the necessary recommendations for software migration. We also let you know the estimated cost to be incurred on the complete software migration process.

  • Software migration assessment

    Once you have approved of our recommendations, we prepare a detailed plan for software migration. Our migration experts scrutinize the software code based on UNIX or other different operating systems. We also re-engineer software depending on your existing business processes. With our proven technical expertise in software migration, we assure you of the best migration solutions in the shortest possible time with no data loss.

  • Software migration implementation

    While migrating your existing software to a new platform or environment, we take complete database back-up including important files and folders. Once the software is migrated, our experts conduct various tests to ensure that it functions in the desired manner. We even show you a demo of the new software. Once all your requirements are fulfilled, we implement the new software for your business exactly in the manner you want.