Posted in Tips & Tricks on 20, Dec 2013

In today’s world of Internet, number of websites online is growing day by day. And everyone, probably, at some point or another, has wanted to have a website. With the decision to start a website, a variety of questions comes in there mind…How do I setup my own website on the internet? How do I create a website/WebPages? How much does it cost?

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common for average people to set up their own website or blog. Many people are setting up family websites or small informational websites, while others are looking to set up large e-commerce websites in order to turn a profit. No matter what kind of website you wish to set up, the basic steps to accomplish that goal are pretty much the same.

Here are the easy steps to take in order to setup your own website on the internet

Define Your Website

Obviously, the first step to setting up a website is deciding exactly what you want your website to be about. This may seem like an easy step, but it needs to be given some thought. Do you want to set up a family website, an e-commerce site, informational site, or some other kind of website?

Register a domain name

After Deciding about Site, you need to register a Domain. Registering your own domain name gives your website a unique name throughout the Internet. The domain name is the URL of your website.

Find A WEB Hosting Company

Next, you must choose a web hosting company to host your site for you. In order to set up your own website, you must have room on a specially set up web server where your site will be “hosted”.

Create Website content / web Pages

Now you will need to create your website’s content. This may include static web page, dynamic pages, images and many more…

Upload Your Website

Now after creating website pages and images you need to upload those files, pages and images from your web server Cpanel.

Run Your Website

Now everything is done, your website should now be working. Using a web browser type your web address and see your new website up and running.