Posted in Tips & Tricks on 20, Dec 2013

If you create a Web site or set up an e-mail account, you need a domain name to tell the Internet how to find you. A domain name is a unique word or phrase in a particular format, understood by the Internet. Domain names are registered for a period of 1 to 10 years by an individual or an organization. A domain name allows people to find your site by using a familiar, easy-to-remember domain name instead of the IP address of the server where the Web site is located.

Reserving a domain name is easy and cost friendly. The best thing to do is to find a registrar that is an official Internet registering service and use this to register the name. A domain name is your identity on the web. Domain name is what people type in on the address bar of a search engine to visit your site.

If you want to register a domain name, here’s what you need to do

1) Think of a few good domain names that you’d like to use. Once you have chosen the name you will use and made sure that it is available, visit some of the Internet registrars and find the one you want to use.

2) When you are ready to register the name, you will be required to provide either a Paypal account or a credit card to pay for it. This is not optional. It will allow you to claim and get the domain name immediately on application.

3) The domain name may be registered at some registrars for up to 10 years. Some registers will give you discounts on multiple years of registration so if you are planning on keeping the domain and using it for a while, then you might want to register it for multiple years and save a little there.

4) When you find the registrar that you want to use, they will ask for your contact information. This is the information that will show in the Whois database when someone searches this domain name. The contact information should have a correct email address as well as other information because this is where re-registering information as well as anything else that concerns your name will be sent.

Take in mind that the web hosting site that you are using when you choose your domain name may not always be the site that you use. If you change to another site you can take your name and this will allow you to keep your regular customers as well as visitors. The name will be typed in the same as before and they will be taken to your new site.