Best quality platform change/application migration solutions as per your IT requirements

Organizations often feel the need to change their existing IT systems including applications. There are several reasons for platform change/application migration including the need for getting better security, features, functionalities, reducing costs, and boosting business productivity. MoveMySite completely understands the need to change platforms and migrate existing web applications. We offer 100% automated and quality platform change/application migration solutions to help you get the maximum out of new technologies.

We adopt a low-risk approach for delivering application migration solutions. While we formulate an application migration strategy we equally pay attention to risk mitigation. Our experts know how important your data is and so they ensure that none of the crucial data is lost during the migration. The solutions are designed in a manner to cut down your cost to meet limited budget requirements. We help switch applications between the same platform and also to other platforms. Our experts offer the best advice for upgrading your existing applications too.

What we offer

  • Migrating existing web applications to advanced platforms
  • Porting of applications
  • Re-engineering and Re-hosting of applications
  • Complete re-design of UI for applications
  • Data migration
  • Database migration along with server migration
  • Pre and post application migration support
  • Migration of legacy mainframe applications
  • Operating system migration
  • Recommendations for integrating third party tools
  • Many more as per your needs & specifications

Best Practices for Application Migration/Platform Change

  • Use of latest and advanced migration tools for automating the platform change process
  • Complete protection for IP
  • Extraction of information in the best manner to ensure an accurate application migration
  • HTML based generated documentation
  • Reduction in information localization
  • Design centric approach helps us deliver outstanding application migration solutions to our clients