Upgrade existing legacy applications to take benefits of advanced technologies & platforms

Legacy applications hold prime importance for organizations as these help in day to day operational activities. In recent years, organizations have been feeling the heat of competition and the need for staying cost-effective & productive has become all the more important. At times, legacy applications can be quite expensive to maintain. To meet the growing needs of your business enterprise, it is necessary to upgrade these legacy applications. MoveMySite offers outstanding legacy application migration solutions in accordance with your business requirements. We have the knack of understanding different business requirements and accordingly carving out custom migration solutions.

Our migration experts help you get the best out of legacy applications by migrating these to better platforms. We design a complete legacy application migration strategy so that the entire project gets completed on time and without any data loss. With our legacy application migration solutions, you will be able to meet the changing needs of your customers in quick time & stay competitive too. Migrating legacy applications can be a challenging task as it involves migration different files, codes, folders, database and much more. At MoveMySite, we have the best migration tools that make the entire legacy application migration process easier, simpler and quicker.

Our Legacy Application Migration Services

  • Complete re-design of existing legacy applications
  • Migration to legacy applications to multiple databases
  • GUI migration for legacy applications
  • Legacy applications re-engineering
  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Legacy application migration consulting
  • Integration of enhanced systems with existing applications
  • Migration of legacy applications to SaaS, .Net, or Java applications
  • Technical support & Troubleshooting
  • Pre and Post Legacy application migration support

How can legacy application migration solutions from MoveMySite help you?

We have proven expertise in legacy application migration. Our experts have helped a number of our global clients in migrating and porting their existing legacy applications to better platforms. The prime benefit offered by our legacy application migration solutions is that you can reduce IT costs significantly and allocate resources to other areas. Further, the security of your applications gets enhanced by migrating it to improved architecture. The best part is that you can derive maximum value out of your existing IT assets for boosting business productivity.

Next, legacy application migration services also help enhance business processes. For instance, you can cut down the time to market different products and services, improve customer satisfaction by offering better services and much more. With our legacy application migration services, you can easily maximize business ROI and improve profitability too. We offer complete legacy application migration solutions including planning, executing and deployment of web applications.