Posted in Web Services on 14, Mar 2014

Many people spend their energies looking for a great website designer but often neglect to choose a good website host. You need to start at your old web host and fire up your favourite FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. The FileZilla is a popular FTP program that is available free of cost. You just need to connect to the old web host and navigate to the folder of the site that you are moving. Just highlight that folder and download it accordingly. The highlighted folder should have all your web pages, related images and rest of the things.

The downloading of the entire folder at once preserves the directory structure intact and calm. You need not to overwrite your local copy if you already keep a copy of that site locally. You just need to copy the current website into a new folder location. So in case if you discover any issues, you need not to worry as you have not touched your backup.

Another business model online involves advertising and content related websites as these websites provide lots of free content but make money when people click on contextual and banner advertising on these websites. Many famous sites have many visitors a day and the loss of advertising revenue can be staggering.

So once you have worked out the details on what files and databases need to be backed up and moved then the absolute easiest way to fully transfer your website hosting and domain registration is to begin by actually setting up the new hosting account with the intended new hosting enterprise. Your new hosting company will be able to guide you through setting up the account as this is usually easy enough and it also helps you in uploading the website files from your local computer to the new host and setup databases when required. These modifications can be done even while your domain name is live on the old server. It enables you to fully prepare your website files on the new server without affecting your live website.

One of the most common problems with changing web hosting providers is down time which is because it takes time for name servers around the word to register the new name server settings for your domain name and if a search engine crawler comes to your website too many times and it is not accessible it can drop you from the search engine results and even start de indexing your site.

When you sign up for web hosting, the provider will send you a notification email with the FTP information such as username and password which helps you to transfer all the files from your PC to the new server and in case if your site includes a MySQL database then you need to restore the database using phpmyadmin.