Migrate websites & applications to Drupal CMS platform to get added CMS advantage

Drupal is considered to be an advanced content management system. In case you feel that your existing CMS website is not able to handle the traffic well and lacks in some features, then Drupal migration is what you should go for. Consult the website migration experts at MoveMySite, one of the leading providers of Drupal Migration services. Our domain expertise lies in data migration, website migration, database migration and shopping cart migration. We have extensive experience in migrating CMS websites to the powerful web 2.0 based Drupal CMS platform.

We strategically implement Drupal migration projects for our clients. Initially we understand your need for website migration and accordingly offer custom migration solutions. We ensure that none of your valuable data is lost during the Drupal migration process. Our team is simply unmatched when it comes to data extraction, restructuring and reformatting data. Our Drupal migration experts will make sure that your new Drupal website does not encounter downtime and runs in the desired manner.

Services we offer to our clients

  • Existing website migration to Drupal
  • Content migration to Drupal
  • Technical support and back-up
  • Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 Migration
  • Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Migration
  • Complete testing for website migration

Steps we follow for Drupal Migration

  • First of all, we take a complete back up of the database of your existing website
  • Next, we back up all important folders and files
  • Having done this, we ensure that the upgrade can be completed seamlessly
  • We check for the latest version of Drupal
  • After this we make your website off-line and change the theme to Garland
  • We disable all the non-core modules and clear the optional module check boxes
  • Our Drupal experts remove the unwanted modules and also sites/default/default.settings.PHP
  • Next, we delete all other folders and files except/sites/
  • Remove the unwanted module folders
  • Then, we download and extract the latest version of Drupal
  • Further, we reapply the changes to .htaccess file or robots.txt files and make the settings file writable
  • We run update.PHP and back-up the new database
  • Our migration experts upgrade the modules to the latest version and even apply the latest Drupal compatible theme
  • Lastly, we go to reports and run the status report and set upgrade_free _access to false

Migrating to Drupal open source CMS lets you benefit from new features which otherwise would not have been possible. We even offer technical assistance in upgrading old Drupal websites to the latest Drupal version. One of the most important elements which is often forgotten during website migration is SEO. One needs to take of search engine optimization while migrating from one platform to another. Well, with MoveMySite you need not worry about SEO. Our experts will ensure that your new Drupal website is search engine optimized and gets maximum visibility on all popular search engines.