Seamless data migration to improved platforms using advanced migration tools and techniques

Organizations, today, have to deal with tons of data. Large organizations, especially, need up-to-date systems for handing and managing data. With the rapid advancements in technology, it is necessary for organizations to upgrade their IT systems for better data management. The success of an organization to a large extent depends on how the data is used. At MoveMySite we offer the best data migration solutions so that you can migrate critical data to better platforms and architecture. This helps reduce operational costs and boosts business productivity.

As a professional website migration company, we also offer data migration solutions including application migration and software migration. Our migration experts have proven track record of working on complex data migration projects for clients across multiple domains. Using our technical expertise, we help make data migration not only easier but also more secured. Over the years, we have developed the finest practices and methodologies for strategically implementing data migration projects for our global clients. Our team also specializes in offering SQL Server Migration services in quick time and as per your specifications.

Our Data Migration Methodology

  • Initially we understand data migration requirements and accordingly define the scope of your project.
  • Next, we analyse your existing IT systems and offer recommendations for choosing the best platform for migrating your data.
  • Further, a detailed planned is laid out for data migration including the architecture, and IT environment.
  • We take complete back-up of your existing data, optimize it and gradually proceed for data migration.
  • Once the data is migration, we ask you to review it so that we can know if all your requirements are fulfilled to the fullest.
  • After complete data verification and testing, we implement the new data systems for your organization.

Our Data Migration Services

Our core expertise lies in migrating data from one platform to a more sophisticated infrastructure. This helps our clients improve their business processes and use data in a more effective manner. We make sure that each phase of the data migration process is highly secured. Besides, this the data migration solutions that we offer, ensure that the new system is scalable to meet the growing data needs of your business enterprise. Our experts’ guarantee that after the data migration process is over, none of the migrated data will be corrupted or function in an erroneous manner.

We offer all sorts of data migration solutions including importing data to new systems, moving disk files from one folder to another, database insert queries, developing custom software and much more as per your needs. Our migration experts carefully extract data from existing systems, map data from an old system to new, load the data into new system and properly verify the data to ensure accurate data migration. Whatever be your requirement, we have the expertise and technology to deliver the right data migration solutions.

Data Migration Benefits with MoveMySite

  • Quick data migration with no loss of crucial data
  • Minimum business downtime and reduced risks
  • Get a better ROI for your business by upgrading to the latest technology
  • Unmatched levels of pre and post data migration support
  • Extensive experience in working with critical data migration projects
  • We use the best practices and standards for data migration